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Xtra Technology’s digital marketing team endeavors to achieve results that delivers serious milestones. To show that, our brilliant team contributes to the success of every project we have handed over.

Since, Digital Marketing takes the who from the web and connects the businesses to its customers in a timely manner so it makes it an imperative service to have. Our goal is to provide you just the kind of service you need.

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Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing
  • Social Platforms
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Results Reports
  • Continuous Reports
  • Behavior Monitoring
Content Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • e-Mail Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Concepts
Search Engine Marketing
  • A/B Site Testing
  • Auditing Sites
  • Surveys
  • Web Analytics
  • Full Scale Tests
Analytics and Analysis
  • Site Tracking
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Conversions
  • Search Targets
  • Audience Analysis

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Discover our marketing strategy

Xtra Technologies’ realization into the ultimate success of your business depends heavily on Digital Marketing in Dubai.

With the following framework, the strategy helps us to develop bases to create a working digital marketing strategy and implement your plan. As a result, your business is guaranteed a success that we promise.

The first part is your customer’s Strategy Design. To create this, we look at your business’ goals. If your customers cannot find the content they need, they are off to seek out your competitors. This Xtra’s Digital Marketing strategy guarantees traction you need to beat your competition.

The question to ask is, “What do you want to achieve for your business and your customers and how can Xtra make that happen?”

Xtra Technologies Digital Marketing Suite

Create Digital Strategy

  • Create a digital marketing strategy
  • Get your customer’s attention.
  • Under your business model and brand.
  • Decide which market campaign to create.
  • Develop the strongest offer.

The second part surrounds the necessity about what your digital marketing prospects will think, feel, and do when interacting with your brand. In other words, the whole Customer Experience.

The question for Xtra Technologies’ digital marketing customer’s aim is, “Who are your prospects and how can your business server them as customers?”

Uncover Customer Experience

  • Collect and analyze customer data.
  • Create personas.
  • Develop the buyer journey.
  • Assist with sales.
  • Segment targets

Xtra Technologies Digital Marketing Suite

The third and most heavy part of Xtra’s Digital Marketing strategy is the Content Creation. Not only it is a common buzzword around the world of digital marketing but also it never gets trite. Our plan heavily focuses on creating quality content entirely based on your story, your mission, your vision and your actions. We develop a strategy for content, define your message to your customers, and establish your system.

The question it satisfies “How will we create quality content, who will do it, and what will that be?”

Xtra Technologies Digital Marketing Suite

Dip into Content Creation

  • Create a content strategy.
  • Develop content types.
  • Know what your customers want.
  • Create an out-reach process and system.
  • Target contents for each audience.

The fourth part of the plan is Channel Promotion. We choose the best platform. We know that your content needs to make a strong impact. For this reason, we decide where and whom to distribute your content to. Moreover, If you want to make your content easy to find, Xtra’s Digital Marketing plan make it happen. As a consequence, your customers can find you easily.

The question it answers is, “How will your prospects and customer find our content so that they can choose you?”

Develop Channels

Xtra Technologies Digital Marketing Suite

Finally, the fifth part is to guarantee that the process runs smoothly. An you are on target. By analyzing the metrics periodically it improves over all results. Which leads to success.

The question to ask is, “Have we met your goals?”

Deploy Check-back Analysis

  • Re-assess your business model and brand value.
  • Re-examine your content marketing strategy.
  • Measure success.
  • Track metrics.
  • Optimize campaigns for ROI.

With the above concrete method, start this amazing journey with Xtra Technologies and see how can you reach new heights with us.