Quick Reference SEO Terms – (A – B)

Below are some of the most common SEO related words, phrases, and definitions.


Affiliate Marketing

An online marketing strategy that involves revenue sharing between online advertisers and online publishers. Compensation is typically awarded based on performance measures such as sales, clicks, registrations, or a combination of factors.


Artificial Intellignce. Google is now using artificial intelligence and natural language progamming to improve search results.

Alt Tag

The alternative tag that the browswer displays when the individual does not want to or cannot see the pictures present in a web page. Using alt tags containing keywords can improve search engine ranking of the page for those keywords.

Alt Text

Alt Test is short for alternative text, it is used with an image and has a number of purposes. Primarily it is a placeholder for an image, so that if the image is slow to load or not shown, there will be an indicator of the content.


An Anchor refers to a link on a web page, often found at the top or bottom of the page that allows users to move to specific content on the web page.

Anchor Tag

Anchor Tag refers to a code determining the destination of a link.

Anchor Text

The text part of any link, and of vital importance to any SEO effort. Instead of a link being displayed as www.xtra.technology, for example, using anchor text will allow the same link to be displayed as Web Design Expert in Dubai. The search engines will then index the page based on this keyword.



A link from one site that points to another. When getting backlinks, always ask the person linking to you to use anchor text.

Banner Ad

A graphic internet advertising tool. Users click on the graphic to be taken to another website or landing page. Banner ads are typically 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall, but the term can be used as a generic description of all online graphic ad formats.

Black Hat

The use of unscrupuous methods to optimize a website. Discovery of these methods being used will often lead to asite being banned from major search engines.


A contraction of the term weblog. It is a form of internet communication that combines a column, diary, and directory with links to additional resources.


A term used to describe a collection of links to other weblogs. Blogrolls are often found on the front-page sidebar of most weblogs. Various weblog authors have different criteria for including other weblogs on their blogrolls.


An individual searching the internet for information. Also, a software package internet browser used to view pages on the world wide web.

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