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Dubai based, Website Development & Digital Marketing Company

Xtra Technology is a leading web development agency in Dubai. We develop technologies that engage and connect web with people and customers instantly. Bottom line, we create websites that work for you and all businesses.

So If you are looking for a dependable growth partner online, start with us. We provide

  • a website to boost businesses in the U.A.E and abroad.
  • a professional SEO service to help you flourish.
  • a business partner to manage web identity.
  • marketing for your businesses or brands.

We can collaborate to create amazing online image and presence and reach for the skies.

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    We are experts in web design and development.

    Discover our process

    Understand your idea

    1 First step to build any project is to understand what you need. We never underestimate the power of defining what you need and what your expectations are. We carefully listen to you and what you need and chalk it along with you.

    Page by page, heading by heading, we draft every note and discuss all design options in great length including technical requirements and your budget.

    Bring the drafts to our boards and start the creativity process.

    xtra website design process

    website wireframe

    Wireframe your design

    2 To start the amazing design process, we wireframe all the concepts and informational architecture and start to develop. Step by step coding process fused with catchy colorful elements the art-work begins to unfold.

    All design elements including layouts, rich media, user experience and prompt action from your visitors is at the top of our list.

    Gradually, all the blocks come together and start to shape up.


    3 Finally, after all the hours and intelligence put into action, our technical team is ready to bring your website to the real world.

    Not that it’s any lesser of the processes, this is carefully curated process synonymous to moving mountains. Before, we prepare ourselves to launch, our strenuous testing team makes sure, without any exceptions, that site functions properly including cross-device compatibility, all proto-types are tried and tested. Our highest level management team makes sure every little dot goes live accurately and perfectly.

    You are ready to show the world.

    web site support and maintenance service

    Support / Maintenance

    4 Our after-sales support is paramount. We go the extra mile to ensure that your site continues to operate smoothly without any glitches and down-times.

    Furthermore, our post hand-over maintenance also guarantees technical support so that you can optimize your site for …

    • A/B Testing
    • Design Updates
    • Functionality Updates
    • Content Updates