Website Design Dubai – Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin to ask Xtra to build an awesome website for your, here a few things which will definitely help you understand why is it necessary to have a website, what do you need to get a website made few starting bits and pieces and finally the million dollar question, how much and how long will it take to build a website.

To answer all of those questions, take sometime to read and equip yourself with helping information.


Do I need a website in Dubai?

Yes. Definitely! With expo 2021 ready and hundreds of thousands of new start-ups and SME businesses launching in Dubai, it makes it absolutely important to have a website.

What kind of website do I need for my business or service in Dubai?

Depending the nature of your business, you will need the website accordingly.

For example,

Trade (Import/Export) – A standard website with all your trade information and products with SEO grade so that your website makes you more money.

Services (Social Services, Training Institutes) – Definitely a standard website is needed with carefully written content to enhance your business name and customers.

Finances (includes Finance Houses, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Brokers) – definitely need to have a website to reach customers and describe your services. To capture your customers interest, you need a powerful eye-catching website with an appealing information and content.

Leisure and Tourism – This trade thrives on strategic marketing and social media planning. Needless to say, this line of industry absolutely needs a website that can help you grow profit in Dubai.

Real Estate – One of the strongest and highly competitive industry in Dubai, which has left no doubts in the minds of business owners that having to have a website to run real estate business is absolutely paramount.

Restaurants & Hotels – Most certainly, this is the third most biggest industry and trade in the U.A.E. It is a source for living for millions of people and thousands of businesses in Dubai. One cannot ignore the fact that in this highly saturated trade, one needs a unique website to establish its name and trade.

Can I grow my business with a website?

Yes absolutely. As soon as a business is set up, Website provides a strong platform for your business to reach customers and grow in Dubai. Read more here.


What do I need to do to start my website?

All you need to start is a brilliant idea. Give us a briefing and we will help you shape it into reality.

What do I need to have before starting the website?

To set up a decent website, you need to have a name proposed for your business. For example, Ask our team. Pick and choose a hosting system either in the U.A.E or abroad. We strongly recommend to host in Dubai for several reasons. One of them being that you will receive 24 hours on call support. Dubai government has advanced its infrastructure with world class data centers to provide high speed hosting.

Can I host the website in the U.A.E?

Xtra Technologies offers several packages to host your site, your emails, your backups and more. Choose our packages or contact Xtra Technologies’ team to set one up for you.

Can I get 24 hours support with my website or email systems?

Definitely! Xtra Technologies’ support and technical team is well equipped with troubleshooting knowledge and is multilingual and well versed in technical language.


How much does it cost to build a basic website in Dubai?

Technically, it is not possible to determine the actual cost. But to make things simple, we have pre defined Basic, Medium, and Corporate website design and development packages. Discuss them with one of Xtra’s team member.

How much does it cost to build an e-commerce website?

To have an e-Commerce online stores, be sure to set aside a starting budget of A.E.D 10,000 and more.


How long does it take to build a website from scratch?

After understanding your idea and requirements, Xtra Technologies issues a milestone statement. However, it takes about four to six weeks to launch a website after carefully testing your new website’s abilities, functions, user interactions, cross-platform compatibilities etc., etc. However, Xtra’s after sales service is a continuous process as you will also free service for up to six months after the launch.